How to Prune a Fatsia Japonica Plant

Fatsia japonica, or Japanese fatsia, is a somewhat winter-hardy evergreen shrub. The plant withstands temperatures as low as -12.2 degrees Celsius, growing 10 feet tall and wide. Japanese fatsia flowers bloom in round clusters in the fall. After they fade, green berries take their place. In winter, the fruit turns black and drops to the ground after a hard freeze. A little pruning of Fatsia japonica helps correct some issues.

Prune spindly and droopy branches to a height at which they can stand upright. That could mean cutting the stems by several feet. This practice also encourages new branches to develop, making the plant denser. Perform this step late in the winter.

Trim winter damage in early spring. Remove dead and broken wood. Throughout the year, cut diseased plant sections whenever you notice them.

Thin the stems in close-packed shrubs to open them up. Cut one-third of the stalks back to the base anytime between late winter and late summer.

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