How to Stuff a Pillow With No Lumps

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Make a pillow at home with two pieces of rectangular fabric sewn together. However, when the time comes to stuff the pillow, stuffing may create a pillow that is irregular and lumpy. Ideally, the stuffing should give the pillow a smooth, regular shape. When stuffing a pillow, you want to ensure that the end result is both attractive and comfortable.

Turn the pillow fabric right-side out. If you are sewing a pillow, do most of the sewing with the pattern sides facing each other. Leave a few inches open on one side, then turn it right-side out.

Pull out a small handful of polyester fiberfill.

Tease it apart into a fluffy cloud to eliminate clumping.

Push the fiberfill into the pillow, shoving it into the far corners of the pilow.

Repeat steps 2 through 4, pulling out chunks of fiberfill that are similar size and consistency. Continue until the pillow is stuffed full.

Sew up the open edge of the pillow.

Squeeze the pillow all over, moving the fiberfill inside until it is distributed evenly.

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