How to make a Harry Potter castle cake

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Harry Potter is one of the most popular phenomenons to emerge from the children's fiction scene. Millions of books have been sold worldwide, and translated into countless languages; the films have become a massively popular enterprise with their own steam -- shown internationally and millions of DVDs sold.

Children everywhere dream of being a witch or a wizard, so for their birthday, make them a "Harry Potter" castle birthday cake to help bring the magic home.

Bake four sponge cakes of your choosing (one 33 by 23 cm (13 by 9 inch) pan, two 18 cm by 18 cm (7 by 7 inch) pans, and one bread pan). Cut the bread pan cake in half; this will make up the top of the castle.

Stick all cakes together with icing and jam: the largest one is the base, the two medium-sized ones should be placed on top of each other at the long end of the cake, and the two halves of the bread pan should be placed on top of each other, on top of the medium cakes.

Cover the structure with two layers of butter icing. The first is to hold all the crumbs in place and the second is to create a smooth finish.

Use a small, rectangular section of an ice cream cone to make the castle door.

Stick ice cream cones into place around the castle to make its towers.

Pipe blue icing around the ice cream cone towers and door, and decorate as you see fit.

Pipe green icing on the base of the cake to create Hogwarts' lawn.

Create the castle's path by crumbling Oreo cookies (or any other type of cookie) in front of the door.