How to Feed Pug Puppies

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Pugs tend to eat large amounts of anything they can get a hold of, so it is wise to start your pug puppy off with a healthy diet in reasonable proportions. Proper nutrition in the first year allows for proper development of your pug puppy. You should select healthy foods and treats, and avoid excessive feeding.

Stick with the food the breeder suggests, at least at first. Changing your pug's diet may cause an upset stomach or diarrhoea. To keep your puppy happy and your carpet clean, continue feeding your new puppy the same food the breeder, shelter, pet store or former owner used, making sure to increase the amount as the puppy grows. If you want to switch foods, mix the two types of foods together for a few days so your pug can adjust.

Pay attention to your pug's potty breaks. Puppies tend to go a lot, but take notice of any changes like loose stools, excessive urinating or blood. Also be on alert for dry, flaking skin or increased scratching. Sensitivities to some foods may affect your pug's health. If you notice certain ingredients, such as chicken or wheat, cause problems, you should speak to your vet about diagnosing a sensitivity.

Choose healthy food that has a balance of protein and other nutrients. High-protein diets may make your pug's weight balloon, so try small breed puppy food or low-fat choices. In general, pug diets should not have more than 40 per cent protein. If you want to make your own food, boiled chicken with rice and vegetables is easy and full of nutritional value.

Split your pug puppy's meals into several small meals a day. At the very least, feed your pug twice a day, but puppies may need three or four meals a day. Leave the bowl of food on the ground for thirty minutes, letting the puppy eat as much as he or she needs.

Feed low-calorie snacks in moderation. Puppies need the extra energy boost that treats can provide in order to keep them playing and stop them from eating your shoes. Vegetables like green beans and broccoli offer a healthy alternative to packaged treats.

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