Instructions for the Sfornatutto DeLonghi

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DeLonghi is an Italian manufacturer of coffee makers, kitchen appliances, air conditioners, portable heaters, steam irons and air treatment systems. DeLonghi is, according to their brand profile, an "ambassador in the world of the Italian capability to combine technology, style, quality and innovations, favouring a unique and sustainable lifestyle." The Sfornatutto line refers to electric ovens produced by DeLonghi. These ovens are able to bake bread and cakes, keep warm and reheat dishes, grill meats and spit roast.

Select the cooking temperature. This is done by turning the topmost knob on the row of knobs on the right of the machine. If you are just keeping food warm, set the knob to the picture of a plate with steam coming off. If you are doing any grilling, toasting or using the turnspit, turn the knob to the picture of a small square with three upside down triangles at its top. For other baking and cooking, select the desired temperature. Since this is a European appliance, keep in mind that the temperatures are written in Celsius.

Select the cooking time. This is done with the middle knob, placed directly under the thermostat knob. If you are cooking for less than 10 minutes, turn the knob around completely so that it makes a full rotation and comes back to the desired time. If you are using the Sfornatutto Pangourmet, this is done via the digital controls at the base of the unit.

Select the cooking style. For this, use the bottom knob. The first selection shows a square with bars on the top and bottom, this indicates that the top and bottom heating elements will both be activated. Use this for warming and general cooking. The next selection shows a square with a bar on the bottom only, this indicates that only the lower heating element will be activated, more ideal for delicate cooking, such as cakes. The next option shows three small arrows at the top of the square, this selection is for grilling, such as hamburgers or pork chops. If you Sfornatutto is equipped with a turnspit, there will be an option that looks like the grilling picture, but also includes a horizontal bar in the middle of the square. Use this for turnspit roasting, such as whole chickens. See Section Two below for turnspit instructions.

Wait for the oven to heat. This is important if you are baking or grilling, but less important if you are simply reheating or keeping a dish warm. When the oven is turned on, a small red light between the temperature and timer knobs illuminates, when it has reached the desired temperature, the light goes off. If you are cooking something for a specific time, you may want to readjust the timer before placing the dish in the oven.

Place the food in the oven. For grilling meats or pastas which need to be slightly browned, place the food on the rack, and place the rack on the highest oven guide. For grilling meats, place the dripping pan in the middle oven guides. For delicate items, place the rack in the middle oven guide, with the dripping pan in the bottom oven guide.

Turn the timer to the "0" position when cooking is finished if you pull the dish out before the timer goes off.

Locate the spit and the spit supports. Impale the meat with the spit, tie with string if necessary to keep it in position.

Place the spit supports on the dripping pan. There are two small holes in two of the corners of the dripping pan for these to hook into. The spit supports should rest so that they stick up over the pan, forming a "v" shape on top, which will hold the spit.

Place the spit onto the supports, so that it is angled on the pan. One side of the spit has a sharp point, insert the spit in the pan so that the end of the spit with the sharp point goes into the back right corner of the oven.

Locate the turnspit mount, in the back right corner of the oven. Slightly angle the dripping pan and spit as you place it in the oven, on the bottom guide, so the pointed end of the spit fits into the mount. Leave the door partially open while cooking.

Furn the thermostat knob to the roaster position, turn the function knob to the turnspit option and set the timer.

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