How to Get a Karate Sponsorship

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Competing in karate competitions is often an expensive endeavour. Not only is there usually an entry fee associated with the event, there are also travel costs, room and board and food expenses if the competition is not local to you. Sponsorships are useful in covering those costs, and your sponsor benefits from advertising that is reflected on your gi. Getting a karate sponsorship requires a lot of persistence and patience but the results can benefit everyone involved.

Calculate exactly how much sponsorship money you need to raise for a particular event. Include incidentals like fuel costs and food to minimise your out-of-pocket expenses as much as possible.

Divide the total you need to raise into smaller sponsorship amounts. Your largest sponsor can have their logo on the back of your gi while smaller sponsors can purchase smaller space amounts on the shoulders, arms or legs of your uniform.

Visit local businesses in your town and talk to the owners about possibly sponsoring you for a tournament. Explain how the money will be used and how many people will be watching the tournament. Wear your gi so the owner can see the space available on it for advertising.

Sign an agreement with each sponsor detailing what funding they are providing and what logo you are putting where on the uniform in return.

Print out the appropriate logos on ironing sheets so you can then iron the logos onto your gi.

Thank your sponsors by name if you do any interviews or press before or during the tournament. Provide as much exposure to each sponsor as possible to make them more likely to want to sponsor you again in the future.

Visit your sponsors with any trophies or awards that you win so exclusive photos can be taken and hung in each shop.

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