How to Reinstall Factory Settings on an Eee PC 901 XP

The Asus Eee 901 XP is a notebook computer that has become popular because of its compact size. This computer is able to be made so small because it does not have a CD drive, which can be roughly half the size of a laptop.

While resetting a computer to factory defaults without a CD drive may be a foreign concept to some, is it not difficult to accomplish.

Restart the computer and press the "F9" key on the keyboard during the boot-up process. You will have about one second to react and press this button once the first image appears during the boot-up of the computer. If you miss your chance, you will need to restart the computer and try again.

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to scroll to the "Start System Recovery" option, then press "Enter" on the keyboard.

Answer the set-up questions when prompted. Check the status of the system-recovery process every couple of minutes because you will be prompted to answer some set-up questions during the recovery process.