How to teach preschool children how to write alphabets

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Teach preschoolers simple and fun ways to learn to write the alphabet. While practice makes perfect, you can help preschoolers write the alphabet by colouring, tracing and playing games together. Incorporate other activities and outside resources to help you teach your preschoolers. Exploring fun ways to write the alphabet together will help preschoolers eventually be able to write the alphabet on their own.

Write the first letter of the alphabet in large upper and lower case letters. For example, "A a."

Show the letter to your preschoolers, and then sound out the letter with them. Learning the sound of the letter will help preschoolers commit it to memory before they begin to write.

Play an association game to help preschoolers memorise the alphabet. For example, "A stands for apple."

Have preschool students trace the letter using tracing paper. Let them trace the letters one by one, and then trace the entire alphabet once they are comfortable with each individual letter.

Take away the tracing paper and allow students to try writing the alphabet on their own. Use colourful pencils or markers and allow them to colour in letters as they write. Students will look forward to practicing writing the alphabet if they think of it as a fun activity.

Remind preschoolers of their association words when they get stuck on which letter comes next. For example, "The letter you're missing stands for 'dog,' " to remind them of the letter "D."

Practice. Encourage preschoolers to keep practicing writing the alphabet by tracing or colouring on their own as needed. Let them know that it takes times to learn the entire alphabet, and tell them how well they are doing to motivate them to keep up the good work.

Read together often. Reading will allow preschoolers to see the written alphabet and begin to understand how letters connect to form words. Reading will help students learn to write the alphabet faster by seeing the letters often.

Print out online resources, such as ABC flashcards or posters, to help you teach preschoolers the alphabet.

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