How to sew multiple knitted squares together

Image by Andrea; Flickr.

Sewing knitted squares together is a simple project that requires a blunt needle with an eye large enough to thread. It also requires a thread colour that will blend with the colour of the squares. The whipstitch is a simple stitch that secures the squares together so they will not come apart even after washing the completed cloth. Sew the squares together to make a blanket or other knitted fabric for other uses.

Place two squares with the right sides of the squares facing together. If you cannot tell which side is the right side, then just choose two sides to place together. Typically, the right side of knitted fabric is the side that is the flattest side or the side with the best texture.

Thread the needle. Loop the thread around one end of one square. Pass the thread back and fourth around the loop and the square to prevent it from coming loose.

Pass the needle through the back side of both squares. Pass the needle through the very top edge of the thread on both squares. For best results, place the needle under the stitches, rather than passing it inside the stitches. You don't want to split any of the thread pieces. Pull the thread tight. Pass the needle through the back side of the squares once more. This is called the whipstitch.

Continue to whipstitch the squares together until you reach the end. Loop the end of the thread around the stitches several times to secure and then cut off the excess with scissors.

Sew the vertical columns of squares first, then sew the horizontal rows together. This makes it easiest to sew all of the squares together into a blanket or clothing shape.

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