How to prepare for temp agency tests

Jacob Wackerhausen/iStock/Getty Images

A temp agency is an organisation through which people may apply for temporary jobs. Temporary jobs can last anywhere from a day to several months, and sometimes even lead to being hired for full-time positions within a company.

When applying to a temp agency, one of the first things you have to do is take a number of tests to evaluate your competence in several areas. Preparing for these tests is likely to help you succeed by scoring higher on them and hopefully securing a better temporary position.

Practice your typing skills. Since scores are often based on both speed and accuracy, pay attention to both. You should prepare for two different types of typing assessments: paper and computer. Begin by simply practicing typing from a piece of paper, as that is the way some typing tests are administered. Take a piece of paper with about a paragraph's length of unfamiliar text, and set a timer for a minute. Practice typing the words on the piece of paper and assess yourself using the number of words you typed in a minute. Compare results for accuracy as well, since that will be assessed in an actual test. Use various text samples, and try to improve your accuracy and speed.

Use an online assessment tool that will flash text and time you to practice for a computer-based typing test. These tests will automatically score your typing speed in words per minute, as well as your accuracy. There are a number of online resources. Try different text portions and try to practice and increase your scores in both speed and accuracy the same way you did for the paper test.

Brush up on standard software programs, both word processing and spreadsheet software. To do this, start by going through the menu lists at the top of the programs and re-familiarise yourself with some commands which you may know but may not have used in awhile. Also, run through a programme tutorial of the basics so that you remember the steps to do things. You could also brush up by finding a practice assessment online and making sure you know how to do basic tasks in both programmes.

Prepare yourself for the possibility of a personality test, since some temp agencies administer these tests. The goal of these tests is to detect which area of work is right for you and also to assess certain characteristics of your personality. The best way to prepare for these tests is to realise that you should be honest and not try to impress anyone. The tests are designed to see through false answers and answering each question honestly is the best way to do well.