How to Make a Cave Man Outfit

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Most people enjoy dressing up in costume but thinking up original, creative ideas is not always easy. Although costume stores are plentiful, the costumes for sale or rent are quite expensive, and if the costume is going to be worn on only one occasion, spending a lot of money is wasteful. It is more economical to make your own costume. Whether for Halloween or some other costume party, a caveman outfit is a good choice. It is relatively easy to make and will be comfortable to wear.

Make a pattern for the costume from old newspaper. Spread newspaper on a flat surface, a single sheet in thickness. Tape four large sheets together so you will have a large sheet to work with. Use the tape measure to determine the length from the top of the shoulder to several inches above the knee. This will be the length of the costume. Measure the circumference of the person's hips.

Draw a large rectangular shape on the newspaper. The long side of the rectangle will be the measurement of the length of the costume from Step 1. The width of the rectangle will be the hip measurement divided by 2 plus 4 inches. For example, if the person's hip measurement is 40 inches, 40 divided by 2 = 20, plus 4 = 24 inches.

Measure the distance from the person's shoulder to his waist. Draw a horizontal line on the paper pattern this distance from the top edge. Measure 4 inches along the top edge of the pattern from the edge, for the shoulder seam, and mark this spot. Draw a straight line from this spot to where the line drawn at the waist meets the long edge of the pattern. This will form the diagonal neckline of the costume. Cut out the pattern.

Fold the fur fabric in half with the salvages meeting and the fur folded inside. Lay it flat on the work surface. Lay the pattern on the fabric and pin in place. Cut around the outline of the pattern. Cut only through the backing of the fabric; do not cut the tufts of fur.

Remove the pattern. Lay the two sections of costume flat, with the wrong sides facing out. Pin into place along the shoulder seam and two side seams of the costume. Use the sewing machine, stitch in place along these three seams. Sew slowly, pushing the tufts of fur away from the sewing machine needle as it goes through the fabric. This will ensure that none of the fur gets trapped in the seam. The seam will be invisible.

Place the costume flat on the work surface, still with the wrong sides out. Use the marker and a ruler to draw a large zigzag, pointed edge all the way across the hem of the costume. Each point should be about 4 to 6 inches deep. Cut along these points. Be sure to cut only the backing of the fabric, and not the fur.

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