How to Reset a Garmin 110

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The Garmin Forerunner 110 is a GPS-enabled fitness watch designed for runners. The watch tracks and records the distance you have run, letting you view the statistics either on your watch or on your computer via the workout-tracking software Garmin Connect.

Certain models of the Forerunner 110 also come with heart rate monitors that measure heartbeats per minute, and your calories burnt. On occasion this watch will freeze up, rendering it unable to record data or tell time which is why all owners should know how to perform both a regular and hard reset of this watch.

Press and hold the "Light" button until the watch powers off.

Push down on the "Light" button again to turn the watch back on.

Press the "Menu" button to make sure that all of your settings and data are still available. Resetting the watch this way is not supposed to delete any of your saved data. If the screen is still frozen after doing a regular reset then you will have to do a hard reset.

Reset the watch the regular way two or three times to see if the screen unfreezes. If it does not, you will need to execute a hard reset, which is guaranteed to unfreeze your screen, but will return your watch to its factory setting and delete all of your data in the process.

Hold down the "Reset" and "Light" button simultaneously.

Press the "Start/Stop" button to change your answer from "No" to "Yes" and then press the "Page/Menu" button to confirm your answer. Your watch will go blank for a moment as it deletes all of your data. When the watch turns back on you will have to enter in all of your settings and information over again.