How to Buff a Wood Parquet Floor

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Installing a wood parquet floor involves using small pieces of wood to create a pattern on the floor. The wood floor may have a gloss finish, but after constant foot traffic, the shine begins to fade. To buff a parquet wood to a high shine, you must clean the flooring of dirt and dust accumulating on its surface. After removing the dirt and grime, a wood polish adds a radiant shine back to the flooring.

Remove rugs and easy-to-remove furniture from the wood parquet floor.

Clean dust and dirt from the wood floor with a dry mop. Mop the dust residue into a pile and remove with a dust pan.

Spray a wood polish over a 3-foot square section of the floor, starting at one end of the room.

Buff the polish from the floor with a clean cloth. You may also use a dry mop from a wood cleaning kit that has a soft cloth attached to the mop end. Use vigorous back and forth motions with the cloth or mop to achieve a glossy shine on the wood floor. Move to the next 3-foot square section and repeat the buffing method. Continue buffing the entire wood parquet floor.

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