How to serve sangria wine

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Sangria is the perfect party drink on a warm summer day. Sangria is light, fruity and makes a festive presentation with slices of citrus and fresh berries. Sangria can be served in a large pitcher or punch bowl. Pour sangria into wine glasses that are large enough to hold the fruit slices.

Sangria should be mixed and chilled overnight for best results.

Pour the wine into a large pitcher. Squeeze the orange, lemon and lime into a bowl and remove any seeds. Add the juice to the pitcher of wine. Add the pineapple, orange juice and sugar and stir to blend.

Chill the sangria in the refrigerator overnight. If you do not have time to prepare the sangria the night before, chill the bottle of red wine and add lots of ice to the sangria mixture.

Add the ginger ale, sliced orange, lemon, lime, strawberries and raspberries just before serving. Add ice, if desired, or have ice readily available for your guests.

Serve the sangria in a large punch bowl. The mix of fruit makes a presentation that is eye catching and festive. Place the punch bowl on top of ice to keep the sangria cold. Sangria can also be mixed and poured from a large pitcher. Serve the sangria in wine glasses large enough to hold the slices of fruit, sangria and ice.