How to write a good customer satisfaction letter

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If you are overly satisfied with a good or service you purchased, you may consider writing a customer satisfaction letter to the company who provided it. Feedback from customers is a vital source of information used by companies when determining future plans. When writing such a letter, include several key components such as the product you purchased, how it made you feel and tell the company that you would recommend it to your friends and family.

Date and address the letter. At the top of the letter, write the date and the company's name and address. Address the letter "Dear," or "To Whom It May Concern."

State the purpose of the letter. Begin a customer satisfaction letter by telling why you are writing. Include details that state you are writing it because you are extremely happy with something you received from this company.

Include the product or service description. Explain what good or service you purchased from the company, including any details that would allow the reader to fully understand the precise product.

Explain why you are satisfied. Tell the reader why you are so happy about this product. If the company provided a computer service that was fast, explain why that helped you. For example, tell the reader that because your computer was fixed so fast, you were able to complete the required tasks you needed to without losing any time. If you are happy about a carpet-cleaning product that saved the day, include the details about the stain and how well the product worked.

Recommend the company. State that you highly recommend this company and its products and that you will continue purchasing them. Tell the reader you will recommend this product to your friends and family in the future.

Thank the company. Offer a genuine thank you to the company for helping you and your problem.

Close the letter. This type of letter is closed by simply writing "Sincerely" or to take it one step further, sign it "A Loyal Customer," followed by your name and address.

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