How to Build an Outdoor Playhouse for Cats

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Better than allowing your pet cat to roam free is to create an outdoor playhouse, also known as a catio. This allows it to share the great outdoors in true safety. If you have the space, time and a little extra money for materials, building a catio yourself is a labour of love. The catio described here is made with shelf organisers and wire mesh. Once you build it, your kitty will be frolicking in the sun or resting happily on a viewing shelf.

Make sure comply with your local city official building requirements and permits if necessary.

Determine where you will place your catio, which also dictates your design. It can be a free-standing cat enclosure, or a cage attached to the house.

Build the cat walls. You can stack wire storage cubes secured with cable ties, or connect wire shelves attached to metal posts, and then surround it with wire mesh netting. Leave open areas for entryways connecting each level, and place doors by selectively cutting parts of the wire grid on the shelves or boxes.

Create door plates with plywood, Plexiglas or metal square pieces bolted to the shelf walls with hinges on top and bottom to swing freely, with a latch to close securely. Make sure the handles are pointing outward.

Customise and decorate your new catio with such adornments as indoor or outdoor carpet, cloth hammocks, and scratching posts.

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