How to export iPhoto pictures to a memory stick

The photo management application that comes bundled with Apple's OS X is called iPhoto. It can be used to import photos from your digital camera or memory card, edit them, save them to your computer, or export them to another memory storage device. Knowing how to transfer photos from iPhoto to a memory medium such as the memory stick can be a handy procedure to know if you have excess photos on your hard drive and you want to free up disk space.

Insert the memory stick into your computer or into the memory stick card reader connected to your computer via USB port. The computer will automatically recognise the memory stick as an external storage device.

Create a new album in iPhoto that will serve as the home for the photos you wish to save to the memory stick. Select the photos you want to export, and drag-and-drop them to the new album's folder.

Highlight the album's folder, and click "File" in the menu bar.

Select "Export" under the "File" menu, then select "File Export."

Select the memory stick drive as the source to which you would like to export the photos. Click on "Export" to start the transfer from iPhoto to the memory stick.

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