How to Change Date Format in a Google Spreadsheet

Google Docs contains a variety of Web productivity applications, including a spreadsheet, word processor and presentation program. When you type a date such as "August 1" into a cell on a Google spreadsheet, Google converts it to the "month/day/year" format. Google selects the format based on your location.

If you want a different date format, such as "day/month/year," change the locale setting to a different country. You can change each spreadsheet's locale individually.

Open the spreadsheet by clicking its name on your Google Docs page.

Click the "File" menu at the top of the Google Docs spreadsheet and click "Spreadsheet Settings."

Click the box under "Locale" and select a locale by clicking it in the list. Select "United States" for month/day/year format or a country such as the United Kingdom for day/month/year format.

Click the "Save Settings" button.