How to Keep a Boutonniere Fresh

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Wearing a boutonnière for a wedding, or special event, is something you don't do everyday. However, when the occasion arises, you must keep the boutonnière looking good. After the boutonnière's are fashioned, and before figuring out how to pin them on and where to place them, you may need to store them for a bit. There are ways to keep a boutonnière fresh and ready to use, even if there will be hours before wearing it at the wedding or event.

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Check the tape around the base of the flower and make sure it is snug. Spray the boutonnière lightly with some cool water.

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Place the misted boutonnière on a tissue. Put the tissue with the boutonnière on it, into a box with a lid, or a corsage bag.

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Keep the boutonnière in the box, and store it in a portable cooler. Keep it moist and cool until you are ready to use it.

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