How to Draw a Guy With Headphones Step-by-Step

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Drawing and making art is a great way to pass the time and leaves you with a sense of artistic accomplishment when you have a finished product to show for your efforts, no matter how skilled you are. A picture of a guy with headphones on is a relatively easy thing to draw. Follow these steps and soon you'll have the picture you want. Remember, no two pictures of a guy wearing headphones is going to look the same.

Imagine in your mind how you want your picture to look. Start with the head. Draw a head shape on the page by tracing a circle that forms into an angle for the jaw. Draw the eyes by tracing two oval shapes, the nose with a triangular shape, and the mouth with a thin oval. Leave the ears off for now.

Draw the rest of the guy. Trace the neck with two straight, short lines. Trace the shoulders and continue the form down to the arms. Make the hands with delicate short lines for the fingers. Bring the lines to complete the arms up from the hands almost to the shoulders where the armpits would be.

With two long lines, draw the torso all the way down to the legs and finally the feet. For the feet draw two oval-like shapes and trace two lines from the feet up to a point where the pelvis of the guy would be.

Consider the type of headphones you want to draw. Are they ear buds or a headset? For ear buds, draw two ears on either side of the guy's head. In the middle of each ear, draw a small circle for the bud. For a headset, draw two large ovals on either side of the head where the ears would be. Draw a bridge for the headphones by starting with a line from the top of each headphone and tracing it around the top of the head.

Draw two wavy lines for the cord coming from each ear bud or headset phone and forming together at an angle at the middle of the guy's chest. Draw a single wavy line from there and end it wherever you want, whether it's in the guy's pocket, his hand, or connected to nothing at all.

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