How to Engrave Names on Wooden Pens

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Engraving, although a technique that has been around for centuries, is not something that everyone can master. Engraving on any wooden surface requires a delicate hand, patience and an eye for detail. If you plan to engrave a name or a pattern onto a wooden pencil, make sure you set aside enough time to give this task the care and attention it requires.

Practice your design on paper the same way it will appear on the pencil. Measure the width and length of your pencil and draw a rectangular guide using these dimensions.

Rest or clamp your wooden pencil on a flat surface.

Plug in your power engraver and practice engraving shapes, lines or patterns on a spare wooden pencil or piece of wood to ensure it is working properly. Experiment with the depth settings of your engraver until you get the desired markings.

Start engraving. Move slowly and deliberately.

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