How to measure the distance thrown for a javelin

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Javelin is a track and field event in which the competitor throws a long metal object, approximately 2.5 metres in length and in the shape of a spear, the furthest distance possible. A run up is used to build momentum in order to propel the javelin farther. Javelin is a recognised Olympic event, with Andreas Thorkildsen of Norway currently holding the record with a long throw of 90.57 metres during the 2008 Olympic Games.

Throw the javelin, and observe the javelin as it travels. Ensure the javelin is thrown from behind the designated line. Remain stationary until the javelin has landed in the ground.

Ensure the field is free from any potential dangers such as other javelin throwers. Get another individual to stand at the centre of the throwing line with the start of the measuring tape. Ensure the measuring tape is resting on the ground. All measurements should be taken from the same point to ensure accurate results.

Approach the javelin once it has landed. Remove the javelin from the ground and place the measuring tape over the dent in the ground created by the javelin. The javelin must have landed tip first for the distance to be counted.

Take the measurement from the throwing line to the nearest point created by the dent in the ground.

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