How to store donuts

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Donuts (or doughnuts) are a sweet, delicious treat best consumed shortly after baking. The butter, fats and sugars that typically give doughnuts their great taste and moist goodness can provide a haven for fast-growing bacteria if the cakes are allowed to sit uncovered at room temperature for more than two days. Exposed doughnuts dry out quickly, losing their flavour and texture as they become stale.

Allow doughnuts to cool if you're baking them fresh. Wrap extra doughnuts in foil or cling film. Donuts that are not consumed right away --- fresh-baked or store-bought --- will keep their flavour and texture up to two days at room temperature, between 15.6 and 21.1 degrees Celsius.

Keep doughnuts wrapped in foil or plastic up to one week in a refrigerator. Check your refrigeration settings to maintain a steady temperature between 1.67 degrees Celsius and 4.44 degrees Celsius.

Store extra doughnuts in an airtight container or a freezer bag for up to three months in a freezer. Expect flavour and texture losses after three months of freezer storage. Keep freezer temperature set at 0-17.778 degrees Celsius.

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