How to get condensation out of a watch face

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After wearing your watch in a cold climate, you may notice a layer of condensation on its protective glass face. High humidity or an accidental drop into water can also cause condensation to form. While this usually does not stop the watch from working, it can make it difficult to tell time. Removing the glass face and wiping the moisture away is possible, but there are simpler means of drying out your watch.

Fill a plastic bag with 1 cup of dry white rice. Rest the watch on top of the rice, seal the bag and place it in a dry, warm area for two days.

Hold a hairdryer, set to low heat, 6 inches away from the watch face until the condensation is gone.

Place the watch on top of a towel and place it on a warm, sunny windowsill. The sunlight will evaporate the condensation in a day or two.

Wear the watch normally for several days. Your body temperature will help the condensation to dry.

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