How to Use Old Yankee Candles

Yankee brand candles can be turned into shabby chic storage with a minimal amount of work. The jars are ideal for organising around your home because of their wide mouth and ringed lid. Items placed into the jars are accessible and the environment inside is dust proof when the lid is in place. Many items are suitable for storage in Yankee candle jars, but you should exclude food intended for consumption. Even after thorough cleaning the lids tend to have scent in them which would transfer to candies or stored dry goods.

Place a pot of water on the stove and let it come to a low boil. Put the Yankee candle in the centre of the jar and allow the wax to melt.

Pour the wax into a disposable cup or other container for reuse. Melt and pour the wax from the jar until all the wax is removed.

Thoroughly clean the jar with hot soapy water. Peel the label from the jar. Add an abrasive cleanser such as baking soda to remove wax or glue reside left on the jar.

Organise the bathroom by placing cotton balls, Q-tips and bath salts in Yankee candle jars. Arrange the jars along shelves or the back of a vanity.

Create storage along a window sill by lining up candle jars and storing items from your vacation. Sand, seashells, pebbles and other mementos added to the jars creates a see-through tribute to time well spent.

Store buttons, glue-sticks, beads and other findings in Yankee candle jars to organise a craft room. Additionally, deposit costume jewellery, marbles or glass beads in Yankee candle jars for colourful displays.

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