How to Get Rid of a Spider Egg Sack

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Spiders are an interesting and beneficial species. They feed on many insects that are not beneficial to humans. Most spiders are not dangerous, even if they do bite. Spiders are timid and hide from humans, so even if they are present, it is unlikely that they are often seen in your home. If you do come across a spider and its sack, however, it is possible to remove it. Wear protective gloves and work quickly without breaking open the sack.

Use several sheets of paper towels to remove the spider sack. When removing a spider sack by hand, be quick and gentle at the same time.

Open a plastic garbage bag and hold it in one hand. Place the paper towels in the other hand and quickly grab the spider sack with the paper towels. Do not squeeze the sack; the result is likely to be the emergence of many baby spiders. Tie up the garbage bag tightly.

Place the paper towels and sack in the bag. Quickly tie up the bag and take it to a garbage receptacle away from your home.

Vacuum the spider egg sack out from where it is attached. Work quickly and get the sack first before you get the webs, as those are less important.

Dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag immediately, even if it's not full. Once you disturb the sack, a bunch of little spiders are likely going to be everywhere. Contain them in a garbage bag away from your home. A trash bin or landfill is the best option.

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