How to Respond to Roommate Ads

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When you a read a "Roommate Wanted" ad that sounds perfect for you, your next step is to contact the person who posted the ad. Rather than pick up the phone or dash off a quick impromptu e-mail, you should take some time to prepare yourself to respond appropriately to the ad. While it may seem like the situation is a match for you, you still need to proceed with caution to be sure it's an opportunity you should pursue.

Make a list of preliminary questions to ask the person looking for a roommate. Ask if she is replacing a roommate and, if so, why. You might ask how household chores and bills are divided. You might also want to find out the general habits of everyone you would be living with. Does anyone stay up late frequently or have loud parties? It's better to find out up front about the situation than to wait and waste time.

Call the number given in the ad -- if available -- or contact the person who posed the ad via e-mail. Identify yourself in a polite manner, and tell him you are interested in the ad he posted for a roommate.

Give her some basic background information about youself, such as your name, age, and the general location where you live. Ask her if she would mind if you asked her some questions.

Take notes while he's giving you answers and information. Answer any questions he may have truthfully.

Ask if you can look at the apartment or house if you are still interested. Make an appointment, and take someone with you for safety.

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