Dogs mange and sulfodene directions

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Mange is an inflammatory skin condition caused by microscopic mites that burrow into a dog's skin. There are two types of mange: sarcoptic mange, which can be transferred to humans and other dogs, and demodectic mange, which is not transferable to humans and generally not passed on to other dogs.

Symptoms of mange include severe itching, scratching, inflamed skin, hair loss, scaling, sores and scabs. According to The Dog Health Guide, treatment for mange normally involves using canine mange dips, such as Paramite or Mitaban, and also sulphur-based topical products. Sulfodene medicated skin products treat symptoms associated with cuts, abrasions, hot spots and general skin irritations, and they may provide temporary relief for mange symptoms.

Trim any hair that can be found around the affected areas of skin.

Cleanse the affected areas using water and a gentle antibacterial cleanser.

Carefully pat the cleansed area dry with a soft, clean towel or cloth.

Apply the Sulfodene product directly onto the affected area of skin. You can also use a cotton swab or a soft, clean towel or cloth to apply the product.

Wet the dog's skin and coat with cool or lukewarm water.

Shake the medicated shampoo and conditioner bottle to thoroughly mix its ingredients.

Pour a small amount of the product either into your hands or directly on the dog's coat, then gently massage it into the coat to create a foamy lather. Use enough of the product to cover the dog's entire coat.

Rinse the dog's coat with cool or lukewarm water until you completely remove the product and the water runs clear.

Pat the dog dry with a clean towel and brush its coat. Repeat the shampoo process on the dog as needed for the relief of itchy, flaky skin.