How to Make Icing Cats

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If you are making a homemade cake or cupcakes and there has been a request for a cake with icing cats on it, don't worry. Making a cat out of buttercream icing is easier than you might think when you use an icing bag, piping tips and an simple technique.

Fill an icing bag that is equipped with a coupler with icing that is tinted the colour you would like your cat to be. Attach tip 2A to the bag and secure it with a coupler ring. Place the tip against the surface of the cake or cupcake where you want the cat to lay. Squeeze using heavy pressure to create a log shape for the body of the cat.

Replace tip 2A with tip 12 and secure it with the coupler ring. At the front end of the body, pipe the cat's head using gentle pressure as you build a round head up out of icing.

Replace tip 12 with tip 6 and use that tip to create legs by placing the tip at each of the four ends of the body and gently squeezing outward so that the legs form. Use the same tip to build two small ears at the top of the cat's head.

Fill a new piping bag with a coupler and icing tinted to make details on the cat's face. Secure tip 1 on the bag using a coupler ring. Use tip 1 to pipe a small mouth, nose and eyes on the cat's face.

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