How to Make a Golden Snitch Costume

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The Golden Snitch is the ultimate prize in the game of Quidditch, a wizarding sport from the fantastical world of Harry Potter. In the game, broom-riding players try to score points by throwing a quaffle through rings, while other players try to knock each other off their brooms using balls called bludgers. Meanwhile, two other players follow a fast flying, golden ball called the snitch. If the snitch is caught, the game is over. If you are a Harry Potter fan, making your own Golden Snitch costume is a unique way to honour the spirit of the books and movies.

Blow up a 36-inch balloon. If the costume is for a child or infant, use a smaller balloon. Look for balloons at party supply stores. Tie the end of the balloon to a piece of a string and hang it from the ceiling.

Tear newspaper into 1-inch-by-6-inch strips. Dip the strips into liquid starch and pass the strips through your fingers to remove the excess liquid. Press the strips to the outside of the balloon. Cover the entire balloon with the strips, overlapping the strips as you go. Allow the liquid starch to dry completely. Drying time will vary based on the temperature and humidity. Generally, overnight is enough time.

Apply a second and third layer of newspaper strips using the same method as Step 2, allowing the liquid starch to dry between applications.

Use a pair of scissors to cut the balloon where it sticks out from the newspaper covering. Allow all the air to escape the balloon and remove it from the hole that remains. Leave the newspaper sphere to dry longer, if the inside is still damp.

Using a utility knife, cut a 24-inch circle in the newspaper sphere. Cut the hole out around where the balloon was removed. Cut a second 24-inch hole on the opposite side of the newspaper sphere. These are the holes for your legs and your head.

Paint the outside of the newspaper shape with gold spray paint.

Attach two pieces of 2-inch wide gold ribbon to the inside edges of the top hole of the gold sphere using hot glue to secure it. Place the ribbons where your shoulders will be. The length of the ribbon depends on your torso length. The sphere should rest below your armpits.

Cut two pieces of sheer fabric. The fabric needs to be as long as your arms and 4 to 6 inches wide. Sew the fabric pieces to the arms of a gold coloured turtleneck or bodysuit. Use a sewing machine or hand stitch one edge of the fabric so that it sits along the back line of the arm and sew the other side to the torso of the bodysuit. These are the Snitch's wings. When choosing fabric colour, use silver to stay true to the books or gold to stay true to the movies.

Wear the gold shirt with sewn wings, along with gold tights or stretch trousers and the gold sphere. If desired, paint your face with gold face paint and spray your hair with gold hair colour.

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