How to broil without a broiling pan

A broiling pan is a special cooking pan designed to use with the very hot broil setting on your oven. The pan comes in two parts---a top grill and a bottom shallow pan to catch drippings. It can be quite useful, especially when you're having guests over for barbecue but it is too cold for outdoor grilling. A major downside of a broiling pan is that it is difficult to clean and store. Consider an alternative way to broil without using a broiling pan.

Place two disposable aluminium cooking pans together and line them with another two sheets of aluminium foil. Use this portion in place of the bottom shallow pan to catch drippings. The extra pan and aluminium foil is necessary since the drippings will be very hot.

Place your grill rack on top of the pans. One of the main purposes of using the grill pan is to broil attractive cooking lines on your food, which you can get from a grill rack. You can find a small, inexpensive grill rack at a dollar store or take one from a mini portable grill to fit snugly on top of the disposable pans.

Insert the food into your oven to broil and monitor it closely during the cooking process.

Dispose of the bottom part of your improvised broiling pan when finished and soak the grill rack in hot soapy water to get rid of the leftover food residue. Store the top rack back under your grill or in a cabinet for next time.

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