Homemade Therapy Putty

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Therapy putty is effective in increasing the range of motion in your hands and forearms. When used regularly, it also increases your circulation and strength. Therapy putty is useful in rehabilitation if you have surgery on your hands or have suffered an injury. Putty used in therapy can be expensive, but it is simple to make in your own home with common household ingredients.


Therapy putty is useful after carpal tunnel surgery. Once the stitches are taken out, therapy putty is manipulated with the fingers by stretching and pulling the ball, according to the handuniversity.com. Therapy putty is also used to teach sensory development in children.

Making Putty

All you need for homemade therapy putty is white glue and liquid starch, according to the pennypinchingparent.com. Find the glue at a department store with the school supplies and liquid starch among the laundry detergents. You might also find liquid starch at a craft store, because it is useful for making paper mache and other crafts.

Mix one part liquid starch with two parts white glue. About 1/4 cup liquid starch and 1/2 cup white glue will make a four ounce ball to use for rehabilitation exercises.

Avoid mixing this on a humid day, because it will not work as well. If the mixture seems too sticky, add a bit more starch. The secret is to pull and stretch the ball until it has a bit of elasticity and snap to it. This may take several minutes of working with it.

Store your therapy putty in an airtight container to keep it pliable and to prevent it from drying out.

Other Uses

Because this therapy putty is similar to Silly Putty, give it as a gift for your children or grandchildren to enjoy. For fun, add a few drops of food colouring or sparkly glitter before mixing.

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