How to get the Filipino channel

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The Filipino Channel, often referred to as TFC, isn't available on any broadcast platform in the United Kingdom but you can view it on the Internet or while visiting or living in the United States. TFC a private TV station and programming channel owned and operated by the Philippine company ABS-CBN. It provides channel programming service worldwide through its subsidiary ABS-CBN Global. TFC allows Filipinos to watch Philippine-based TV dramas, variety shows, sports shows, talk shows, live news, featured presentations and Filipino movies through packaged service subscriptions via cable or satellite TV.

Select your preferred type of subscription. If you already have an existing cable or satellite TV subscription, directly inquire about the addition of TFC in your monthly service. If you are still in the process of choosing a new cable or satellite TV subscription, readily inquire about adding TFC in your intended service. You may also get in touch with separate TFC dealers especially if there are promotional deals you want to take advantage of. Another option to consider is getting the TFC IPTV or TFC On Demand, which allows you to watch TFC shows via high-speed Internet.

Pay the premium for your chosen service. This is ideally packaged to the monthly service bill of your TV or Internet subscription. This ranges from £26 to £65, depending on the number of channels and additional programming you have for the service. Depending on your dealer, along with any availed promo you have, a TFC service can add about £6 to £32 to your TV expenses. With the many national and local dealers available out there, you have various options to choose from.

Wait for the installation of any equipment to activate the service. This requires setting an appointment with an installation engineer, and you may also need a cable box or satellite for the streaming of TFC on your TV. Depending on the package you have, the installation and the equipment may be provided for free or for an additional cost.

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