How to mix hot pink acrylic paint

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It is straightforward to mix up a pink shade of acrylic paint, but hot pink is a bit more tricky. The brightness of the classic "Barbie" hot pink is manufactured, and difficult to achieve using coloured paints available in the shop. However, you can create a bright, striking shade of pink using acrylics. The texture and gleam of the silver paint assists in making the pink extra hot.

Squeeze a bead of white acrylic paint onto your palette or plate. It is better to add darker colours to light ones because you need less paint to darken the white, than vice versa. Therefore, you can save paint and have more control over the colour change this way.

Add a bead of silver acrylic paint to the white paint. Mix it thoroughly with the brush. This adds a glimmer of glamour to the pink shade.

Put a bead of red paint on the plate or palette, but check that it doesn't blend or touch the white/silver mix.

Dip your brush into the red paint. Add the drop of red paint to the white/silver acrylic paint. Blend the paint together to create a shade of pink.

Continue to add dabs of red paint to the pink shade, until you achieve the shade of hot pink you want. The more red you add, the darker the shade. If you make it too dark, reverse it by adding a touch more white or silver acrylic paint.

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