How to Change Mailbox Settings on an IPad

Ian Gavan/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The iPad's native "Mail" app allows you to combine several e-mail accounts into one. You can change several aspects of how the iPad handles your e-mail through the device's settings, but the "Mail" app itself is not where you control these items.

Some settings available depend on your e-mail service provider, but items such as syncing contacts and calendars, how often your iPad checks for new e-mails, and whether it notifies you of new e-mails are all controlled through the iPad's "Settings" app.

Press the "Home" button on your iPad if you are not already on your home screen.

Tap the "Settings" app. If you cannot locate your "Settings" app, press the home button again to open the "Spotlight" search interface and type "Settings," then choose the app when it appears.

Tap "Mail, contacts, calendars."

Tap any of your e-mail accounts to adjust settings on that account, such as syncing contacts and calendars and whether or not it can connect with the "Notes" app. Tap "Done" when you are finished.

Tap "Fetch new data" and select how often you want the iPad to check for new e-mails. This will affect all e-mail accounts running through the "Mail" app.

Tap the back arrow button to return to the main "Mail, contacts, calendars" screen, and then adjust each of the available settings, such as the length of e-mail previews, font size and how many messages to show. All settings on this pane affect all of your e-mail accounts.

Set a signature for all e-mails from your "Mail app" by tapping "Signature." This will appear in addition to any automatic signatures you use in your online accounts, in most cases.

Press the "Home" button to close the "Settings" app when you have made all of the changes you would like to make.