How to Clean Marine Rope

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A boat's ropes get greasy and oily, and algae can penetrated them. When marine ropes get clogged and dirty, you need to clean them. This can restore it rope to near-original condition and extend its life. Washing marine ropes is easier than it appears, as it is done in standard washing machines. While you're at it, inspect your ropes for rips or tears that might warrant replacement.

Remove the ropes and place them in a large mesh scuba-diver bag and cinch down the top.

Set a washing machine on a cold-cold, wash-rinse cycle and load it with mild washing powder. Use liquid detergent to prevent caking on the rope.

Drop the mesh bag with the rope into the washing machine and run it through the wash-rinse cycle. Remove when the cycle is over.

Spread the rope out on a dock or other flat surface to dry in the sun.

Dip a toothbrush in soapy water, scrub the tips-ends of the rope and let them dry.

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