How to Hide Your Big Forehead

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A big forehead might leave you feeling self-conscious. The beauty tricks to hide a large forehead are limited to finding a new hairstyle. Hairstyles with fringe can make a forehead look smaller when styled appropriately. Hairstyles with the hair pulled back can make your forehead appear even larger -- so avoid pulling all your hair back in a ponytail or similar style. If you don't have enough hair to cut fringe, another option is to wear accessories that cover your forehead.

Look for hairstyles with fringe that you like. Bangs that are wispy, full or side-swept will make your forehead look smaller. Choose one that you prefer. Print pictures of hairstyles you like.

Visit a hair stylist and show him your pictures. Explain that you'd like to hide your forehead and ask for his opinion.

Style your fringe each day, and don't pull them back. Avoid teasing your fringe to stand up close to your forehead, because this can make your forehead look larger.

Wear a headband around your head. Headbands don't match everyone's personal style, so try a headscarf, wrapped around the top of your head, or a bandanna, placed low on your forehead. This can draw attention away from the size of your forehead.

Wear a baseball cap. The rim of the hat will cover your forehead, making your head look smaller. If your forehead is large, you might need to wear an adjustable or custom-fitted hat.

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