How to keep birds from nesting under carports

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Most carports feature an overhang or ledge that provides birds with an inviting spot to build their nests. This can lead to droppings on your concrete and your cars, territorial birds harassing you and your pets and an unsightly build-up of nesting material. While it is relatively easy to knock down nests and drive birds away, keeping them from coming back can be a frustrating task.

Knock down any existing bird nests using a broom or other long pole. Sweep away as much nesting material as possible. Wash the area clean of mud and dirt using a garden hose.

Spray vertical surfaces with non-stick cooking spray. This will prevent mud and other nest materials from sticking and discourage swallows from nesting. Reapply cooking spray at the beginning of every spring and as needed to discourage new arrivals.

Stretch netting across rafters to deny birds access to the underside of your carport. If your rafters are flush with the ceiling, use netting to create 45-degree slopes over any ledges.

Place mirrors flat against the wall at the end of any ledge. This will prevent many species from nesting within several feet, as they will perceive the ledge as being occupied.

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