Wrap Around Skirt Instructions

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With a little bit of simple math, you can make a fashionable wraparound skirt to wear at home, to a party or as a cover-up at the beach. Make the skirt with a drawstring waistband for a skirt that will adjust with your curves and can even be worn throughout an entire pregnancy. Embellish a solid-coloured wraparound skirt with a satin ribbon along the hemline or sewn-in beads throughout the fabric. Or choose a patterned fabric for instant decoration.

Measure the circumference of your waist. Add half of that number to your measurement and draw a line on the piece of fabric equal to the augmented measurement. For example, a waist circumference of 30 inches plus half equals 45 inches.

Find the centre point of the line you drew and measure down 18.5 inches. Make a small mark on the fabric with a fabric pen or a piece of chalk.

Add 20 per cent to the measurement obtained in the first step. For example, the 45 inches from Step 1 plus 20 per cent equals 54 inches. Draw this line across the mark made on the bottom of the fabric. Draw half of the line on each side of the mark. In the example used thus far, draw 27 inches on either side of the mark.

Use a fabric pen or piece of chalk to connect the right end of the top line and the right end of the bottom line. Repeat this step for the left side as well. The traced lines now form a trapezoid. Cut out the trapezoid with fabric shears.

Fold over 1/2 inch of fabric along the long bottom edge and the two shorter side edges. Pin the fold in place and iron the fold to make a crease. Sew the folded edges using a straight stitch by hand or on the sewing machine.

Cut a piece of 3/4-inch-wide ribbon to a measurement equivalent to the measurement obtained in Step 1 plus 50 per cent. In this example, the measurement is equivalent to 45 inches plus 50 per cent, which equals 67.5 inches.

Fold over 1 inch of fabric on the remaining top edge. Lay the length of ribbon along the fold line and sew the fold closed, being careful not to insert stitches into the ribbon.

Cut a slit in the waistband for the ribbon to pass through to create the wrap around effect. Wrap the skirt around your middle and cut just wide enough to allow the ribbon to be pulled through it. Sew around the edge of the hole you've just made.

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