How to Make a Goat Costume

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Goats are more than just farm animals, they are also a part of popular culture. Goats are used as characters in movies and books, and even referred to in the Bible. When making a costume, you can choose from quite a few different types of goats including the brown billy goat, plain grey or white goat, or even a satyr which is a Greek mythical creature that is half man and half goat. So whether it is for Halloween, a school concert, or themed party, making a goat costume will help you stand out from others.

Decide what type of goat you want to be for your costume. Do you want to be a regular goat, a scary one, a two person goat or a satyr?

Buy matching trousers and turtleneck in the colour of your goat. If you are going to be a regular goat, buy the items in white or grey. If you want to be a billy goat, purchase brown items. Buy long sleeved shirts and long trousers to cover as much skin as possible. Alternatively, if you decide to dress as a satyr, you will only need to purchase trousers in the colour of your goat as these creatures are human from the chest up. Satyr's don't wear anything on their top half so if you are male this means you can go bare-chested and if you are female you should wear a bikini top so that the effect is still the same.

Make your horns. Horns are one of the most distinguishing features of a goat so construct two horns out of cardboard or by using paper mache. Using craft glue, attach the horns to a headband so that you can comfortably wear them on your head. After putting glue on the headband and the base of the horns, hold the horns in place for at least 30 seconds. Put the headband aside for a few hours so that the glue can set. If crafts aren't your forte, you can purchase goat horns from a costume store or dollar store, or even just purchase any type of horn headband and cover them in coloured construction paper or aluminium foil.

Create a tail. Cut a pair of stockings so that you only have one leg and fill this with crumpled newspaper. Staple the stocking shut and then using a needle and thread loosely stitch the tail to the back of your trousers. Another way to attach the tail to your trousers is by using the same craft glue you used to make your horn headband. Use only a small amount of the glue and let it set for a few hours.

Carve hooves out of black foam. Using a knife, carefully cut the foam into a shoe shape large enough that you will be able to slide your own shoes into the hooves. Alternatively you can just wear black leather shoes.

Consider accessories. To add more to your costume consider other things that you can wear or use. If you are a billy goat, buy a grey or brown wig and attach it to your face to be a beard. Decide whether you want to wear a collar with a small bell around the neck like many goats do.

Buy a pre-made goat mask from a dollar store or use face paint to complete your outfit.

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