How to soothe a dog's throat

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Many things can cause a dog to have a sore throat, including cuts and objects lodged in the teeth, excessive barking, coughing, colds and infections. Infections indicate an underlying health issue, such as disease, and require professional attention. If the sore throat is accompanied by swelling, fever, discharge or inflammation, consult a veterinarian. Signs that a dog is suffering from sore throat include drooling and eating slowly. A dog, like a human, fights off colds and sore throats better with a strong immune system. Natural remedies can help alleviate discomfort and build the dog's immune system.

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Brew an herbal tea by boiling 1 cup of water with a teabag or with 1 tsp of peppermint, sage, thyme or liquorice root. Allow to boil for one minute. Pour tea into a cup, and add 1 to 2 tsp honey. Allow to cool for at least 10 minutes, as hot tea can burn the dog's throat and cause serious problems. Draw the tea into a turkey baster or eye dropper when it is cool enough to drink; Offer the tea as often as necessary until symptoms improve.

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Remove collars, bandannas, leashes and any other obstructions around the dog's neck to ease breathing and sore throat pain.

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Soften dog food with warm water or feed premoistened soft dog food to make swallowing easier.

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Prevent dryness by using a humidifier in the dog's favourite area. Low humidity can aggravate a dog's sore throat. Add drops of peppermint oil to provide further relief. Alternatively, create steam by running a hot shower then placing dog into the bathroom for 15 minutes to provide relief.

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Include garlic pills in the dog's diet by adding them to the dog's food. Make it a treat by sticking the garlic into a small piece of hot dog or wrapping it in a bit of luncheon meat.

Shorten the length of infections by giving the dog echinacea, another immune system booster. Add one echinacea supplement to the dog's food, following the pattern "feed for ten days, and stop for five." Repeat in this manner, for echinacea's effectiveness lowers over time if taken continuously. Dr. Craig Coleman of the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy asserts that echinacea decreases the risk of developing colds by 58 per cent, and the duration of a cold is lessened by over one and one-half days.

Add one vitamin C supplement, antiviral and natural antibiotic, to a dog's food or tea daily to reduce the time a dog suffers from a sore throat. Vitamin C can help prevent infection and speed up the healing process.

Give the dog plenty of water to ease soreness and dryness in the throat. Place the water in dog's favourite spot for quick accessibility.

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