How to treat moist eczema in dogs

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Patches of wet eczema, also known as a "hot spots," are a usually recurring condition in dogs. They occur where a dog licks and scratches too much. This causes the formation of a wet scab on the skin under the fur. Wet eczema can be treated without a veterinarian, but if you find that it is not healing well, keeps recurring or is a very serious case, it is best to involve your vet. A common remedy for this condition is cortisone because it minimises itching.

Expose the infected area to air by trimming the area around the wet eczema gently. If the area is large, you will need to shave off the fur and expose the wet eczema patch. Exposure to air can help the wet eczema dry as it may be weeping or oozing. Drying out the wound will speed up the expected healing time of the wet eczema patch. It is also important to expose the area to air because when the air hits the moist wound it will scab over and further facilitate recovery.

Use a water-based astringent, antiseptic spray or gentle shampoo on the infected area. Make sure whatever product you use is gentle on the skin. Work the liquid into a lather and rinse dry. Be sure to be gentle when handling the wound. Clean the area thoroughly to cleanse out the infection. Pat the area dry gingerly. After the area is dry apply hydrocortisone cream to the spot which will help the wound heal and minimise itching.

Buy an Elizabethan collar for your dog. An Elizabethan collar is a large plastic cone that fits around the dog's neck and would be an effective investment for a dog that regularly has moist eczema. This wrap around collar will prevent the dog from biting and licking the infected area and worsening the infection. Also try to prevent your dog from scratching the area excessively as this will also worsen the condition of the wound -- trim your dog's nails regularly.

Visit your veterinarian with your dog if the eczema spreads or does not heal. You dog will most likely be treated with an oral or topical treatment chosen by your veterinarian. The veterinarian will most likely give you a cortisone spray to apply to your dog's wet eczema spot. On top of this the dog may also receive a shot of cortisone. Your vet will know the best way to treat the wet eczema so be sure to follow his instructions.

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