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How to Include a Bullet Point in LaTeX

Updated February 21, 2017

LaTeX is an open source document preparation and typesetting system based on the TeX system. Contrary to conventional word processing programs, LaTeX users define the structure of their documents using a series of programming-like commands. LaTeX has a loyal following since it allows experienced users to make massive revisions to the structure of a document with very little work. However, the program has a steep learning curve, since even trivial objects like bullet pointed lists require special commands.

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  1. Open your favourite text editor. Any text editor, including Windows Notepad, is acceptable for this task. Open a LaTeX document. Alternatively, open your text editor and create a new document by typing:

  2. \begin{document}

  3. \end{document}

  4. Type the following between the "begin" and "end" commands to create your bullet point list:

  5. \begin{itemise}

  6. \end{itemise}

  7. Fill in the spots between the "begin itemize" and "end itemize" commands with your list items:

  8. \begin{itemise}

  9. \item The first item in my list.

  10. \item The second item in my list.

  11. \item The third item in my list.

  12. \end{itemise}

  13. Tip

    Just like in a word processor, there are multiple list options. For example, you can replace "itemize" with "enumerate" to have the items in the list numbered. Of course, lists can also be nested within each other to create outlines.

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About the Author

Kevin Walker is a computer programmer who decided to take a few years out from the corporate life and see the world. He spent a total of six years living abroad and teaching English in China, Korea and Mexico before returning to his home in Texas. He uses his programming and teaching experience to write easy-to-understand computer tutorials.

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