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How to Make Sugar Cubes for Horses

What horse doesn't love a sugar cube? You can easily make and store your own horse sugar cube treats at home. Make some extra sugar cubes to give as gifts to your horse friends. Try using whimsical moulds with different shapes or add a drop of non-toxic food colouring to the warm water before mixing the sugar. Horse's tend to get nippy if fed too many treats by hand, so always feed sugar cubes in moderation.

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  1. Place the granulated sugar in a mixing bowl and make a well in the centre.

  2. Add the warm water to the well you made and mix the sugar and water together by kneading the mixture by hand. The sugar mixture is ready to mould when it starts to hold together like wet sand.

  3. Press the sugar mixture firmly into ice cube trays or sugar moulds.

  4. Allow the sugar cubes to air dry for approximately 5 hours or place the sugar cubes in full sunlight to speed up the drying time.

  5. Place a paper plate on top of the sugar mould and then turn the mould upside down; gently shake the mould to release the sugar cubes onto the paper plate.

  6. Tip

    Use a spatula to scrape off any excess sugar after placing sugar into the moulds. Add two drops of non-toxic food colouring to the warm water to make coloured sugar cubes.


    Sugar cubes should be stored in an airtight container. Be sure to knead the sugar mixture until all lumps are gone.

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 cups granulated sugar
  • 4 tsp warm water
  • Mixing bowl
  • Mini ice cube tray or sugar mould
  • Spatula
  • Paper plate
  • Non-toxic food colouring (optional)

About the Author

Kay Baxter is a freelance writer that has been writing articles since 1999 on a variety of subjects such as small equine and art instruction. Her book "Miniature Horse Conformation" was published in 2007. Baxter has also had articles published by "Better Homes & Garden" and "The Horse Magazine." Baxter attended Illinois Central College, majoring in art.

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