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How to Use Domino's Pizza Tracker

Updated July 20, 2017

Ordering pizza online provides an alternative to calling in an order or ordering at a physical location. Using the Domino's website, customers may place an order in a matter of minutes. You may select any product from the menu and may customise the pizza to your preference. Once you have placed an order, you may track it using the Domino's Pizza Tracker. This will allow you to chart the progress of your order, from the time of preparation to delivery.

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  1. Order using the online menu on the official Domino's website. To begin your order, click on the "Order" link, located near the top of the page. Select either "Delivery" or "Carry-out". Select your housing or business type and input your full name, address and phone number into the corresponding fields. Click "Continue" to choose a store. Choose your products, then check out and pay for your order.

  2. Check your e-mail. The order confirmation e-mail will include a link to the Domino's Pizza Tracker.

  3. Visit the Domino's Pizza Tracker page if you did not receive a confirmation. You may look up your order manually on the website. Type in your phone number and check the box indicating you agree to the terms and conditions. Click "Track Your Order" to look up your order. If an order is found in the system, the Pizza Tracker will display.

  4. View the Pizza Tracker. There are five different areas on the tracker: "Order Placed," "Prep," "Bake," "Quality Check" and "Out for Delivery." As the order is processed, the five areas will fill up in red, indicating the progress of the order. Once the "Out for Delivery" portion has filled, your order will be ready. If you chose "Carryout" your order is ready for pickup. If you chose "Delivery" your order will be delivered shortly.

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