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How to Assemble an Eddie Bauer Bassinet

A bassinet works well for many parents as the designated sleeping area for their baby. Whether you are short on space, want to keep your baby in your bedroom with you or just happen to want an extra place to lay baby down during the day, a bassinet could be an good choice for you. A popular choice for many parents is the Eddie Bauer Musical Rocking Bassinet. This bassinet may look intimidating to put together, but with some guidance, it is really quite simple.

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  1. Organise all your parts and make sure that no pieces are missing. Sort hardware, keeping like pieces together.

  2. Assemble the bassinet basket by aligning the metal basket ends with the metal side rails. Secure the basket with screws.

  3. Insert the basket board into bottom of the bassinet basket. Align the divots of the basket board with the rails of the metal side bar and lock it into place. Attach the basket board to the basket frame with four screws.

  4. Feed the bassinet bedding over the basket frame. Pull the fabric firmly until the bedding fits snug over the frame. Smooth back the ruffles of the bedding and hook the straps around the side bars of the bassinet basket. Slide a sheet onto the bassinet mattress pad. Tuck the mattress pad into the bassinet basket and smooth it until it lays flat.

  5. Insert a dowel into the headboard by pressing the dowel into the hole that is second from the bottom. Align the bottom rail with the dowel, while keeping the T-nut hole facing down. Push the bottom rail firmly onto the dowel. Screw the T-nut into the hole and secure it with two bolts.

  6. Insert two dowels into the top holes on the headboard. Feed the rails onto the dowels while keeping the T-nut hole facing down. Insert the T-nut into hole and stabilise it with two bolts.

  7. Align the foot board and repeat Steps 1 and 2 to secure the foot board to the wooden frame of the bassinet.

  8. Insert the casters in the legs of the head and foot boards. Press firmly until you hear the casters lock into the wooden frame. Be sure to place the locking casters diagonal from each other to ensure stability.

  9. Feed the storage board into the storage skirt. Insert the covered storage board into the bottom rail assembly and lay flat. Allow the ruffles of the storage skirt to flow over the rails. Tie a bow around each corner rail.

  10. Install the music module onto the foot board by sliding the music module into the mount found on the wooden frame. The battery door should remain facing toward you. With a Phillip's head screwdriver, remove the battery door. Install three AA batteries. Do not install the battery door yet.

  11. Screw the music module to the bassinet frame with two mounting screws. Leave the screws somewhat loose for now.

  12. Install the slide locks onto the head and foot boards by lining up the locks with the knob on the frame. You will need to tilt the locks and press firmly until you hear a click.

  13. Install the canopy by pushing two bushings into the holes on the plastic housing. Push the shoulder bolts into the plastic housing. Feed the basket knobs into the knobs on the bassinet frame and guide the shoulder bolt through. Stabilise the shoulder bolts with a barrel nut. The canopy should not be placed on the same side as the musical module.

  14. Replace the battery door and lock it shut with a screw.

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Things You'll Need

  • Eddie Bauer Musical Rocking Bassinet
  • Phillips head screwdriver

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