How to Fox-Proof My Chicken Pen

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If your chickens have recently been attacked by a fox, most likely you hold some resentment towards the invasive fox. But ultimately, it is your responsibility to protect your chicken from predators. Providing your chicken with a fox-proof pen should be your primary goal. Never underestimate the intelligence and determination of foxes; they can be quite astute predators that can (and will) gain access to your poultry if you fail to take steps to properly secure your chickens' pen.

Wear gloves and clear the areas surrounding your chicken pen, chicken cages and poultry coop. Use garden shears and a lawnmower to trim bushes and cut down tall grasses. Don't forget to remove those forgotten piles of lumber and other junk. This will help deter foxes, which generally do not feel safe to stalk and hunt in large open spaces.

Invest in heavy gauge welded wire for your pen rather than the popular chicken wire. Heavier gauge welded wire, such as heavy gauge aviary wire, is generally less wide and much stronger.

And unlike chicken wire, a raccoon or fox cannot chew or swipe its paws through it.

Bury the wire at least one foot under the ground to prevent foxes from digging under it. Creating a deep barrier can discourage even the most persistent predators.

Place some wire or other form of roofing on top of the chicken pen to prevent foxes from climbing over the fence. Foxes will go to great lengths to get to your chickens.

Install a secure lock to replace the latch found on many pens. A determined fox can even loosen latches. Always remember to lock up your chicken pen at night.

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