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How to Fill a Chef'n Pepper Grinder

Chef'n manufactures a unique line of salt and pepper mills. The pepper grinders and balls use whole peppercorns for grinding to the coarseness you desire. The grinders and balls ship with pepper already in them and ready to use. Once you empty the container, you'll need to refill it with peppercorns. Filling a Chef'n pepper grinder or ball is a simple process, but the trick is finding the opening in which to pour the peppercorns. Finding the opening is a bit frustrating until you know where to look.

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  1. Place the Chef'n pepper grinder over a paper towel. This helps to reduce clean up and prevent pepper from falling onto your counter top.

  2. Look for a rectangular strip on the pepper grinder or pepper ball. The seam is clearly visible on the grinder or ball. There might be a piece of tape across the rectangular strip.

  3. Peel the tape off the strip and discard it. The factory places the tape there to prevent the pepper from spilling out during shipment.

  4. Hold the grinder or ball in your hand with the rectangular strip pointing up. Slide the strip down to open the grinder or ball. Fill the grinder or ball with peppercorns and slide the strip back up to close the opening.

  5. Grasp the handles on the Chef'n pepper ball if you do not see a rectangular strip. Without pressing the handles together, turn the top counterclockwise while holding the base of the ball with your free hand. Pull the top off, fill the ball with peppercorns and screw the top back onto the ball.

  6. Tip

    Twist the salt shaker off the top of combo grinders to fill the pepper portion of the grinder.

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Things You'll Need

  • Paper towel
  • Peppercorns

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