How to Glue Plywood Together

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Laminated plywood is used for tables, benches or anywhere a 1.5-inch thick piece of wood is needed. Plywood works better than solid lumber when glued together because it will not split and has a consistently flat surface. After the plywood is glued together, the raw edge is banded with wood, giving the laminated plywood the look of solid hardwood. All you need to glue plywood together is wood glue and clamps.

Lay two pieces of plywood out on two sawhorses. Inspect both sides of the plywood and choose the sides you like best. Face the good sides down.

Squirt glue all over one of the pieces of plywood. Spread the glue into an even layer with a small flat stick.

Place the other piece of plywood on top the glue with the good side facing up.

Place clamps along the perimeter of the plywood 3 inches apart and tighten them until glue oozes out between them along the perimeter. Let the glue dry for 1 hour.

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