How to hang cube shelving

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Cube shelves are a stylish way to showcase small objects, art or other decorations on your walls. You can install them in a wide variety of configurations to create interesting geometric designs.

These shelves have keyhole brackets on the back that allow them to be mounted to screws in the wall so that they sit flush against the wall. It is important to install the screws into plasterboard anchors so that the shelves can support small objects without pulling away from the wall.

Place the cube shelf on a work surface with the back side facing up. Lay the cardboard over the cube.

Trace the outline of the cube onto the cardboard with a pencil. Punch holes through the cardboard where the keyhole brackets are mounted using the pencil tip.

Trim the cube outline out of the cardboard with a utility knife. Position the cardboard cut-out onto the wall where you plan to hang the shelf. Set a level along the top edge of the cardboard and adjust the cardboard so that it is level. Mark the mounting holes on the wall.

Drive the screw-in plasterboard anchors into the wall at the marked locations with a screwdriver. Tighten the screws so that the anchor tip expands. Loosen the screws so that approximately 1.5 mm (1/8 inch) sticks out from the wall. This will allow the keyhole brackets to slide onto the screws.

Align the cube on the wall over the screws, slide the keyhole bracket over them and lower the shelf into place.